a friendly artist tip: once you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps, it’s always so much funnnn, at least for me

anyway, for some reason while drawing girl!Ed I kind of came up with this headcanon in which she’s quite \flat\ and it’s her insecurity. (all because I wasn’t entirely sure the girl would be that mad about someone calling her a shortie and therefore why not let the girl have small breasts eheh)

And as for dude!Winry I wasn’t really sure what is the way he’d be mad *like girl!Winry going completely crazy because of broken auto-mail and punching Ed with all the possible stuff*, therefore I thought guy!Winry would be that guy who gets sort of super calm but still terrifying haha

I dunno

I am not even sure anymore what do I ship more the original or this help


Favourite fictional ladies : Riza Hawkeye

« Is it alright for me to believe in a future where everyone can live in happiness? »


click and drag for mutant kitties 




Can we just sit down and talk about Natsuko Kuwatani’s voice for a minute? When else should we if not today?! :D

She plays Erika excellently

you know i really can’t help but wonder what this video looks like totally out of context

like why is this blue haired girl getting so excited over some duct tape on a door and why is she asking two other pantsless girls to explain what it means while the text turns red when they say it


I have the biggest crush on this stupid child

Re watching brotherhood with the roommates was the worst best idea


my recreation of Sailor Moon’s first transformation “Moon Prism Power Make Up”

most of these are redraws of the Crystal!version of her transformation besides the first one :)


Some days I really feel like Asuka…